Rising Support

Dear Democrats,

It’s true – a picture is worth a thousand words…or maybe in this case, 439 newly trained organizers! Check it out:


Today in Spokane the dynamic duo of Dylan Cate and Alex Scott trained 439 people in the BIGGEST and BADDEST Rise&Organize Organizing Academy to date!  That’s 439 newly empowered volunteers who have committed to our efforts to Flip the 5th, and take back Eastern Washington for the Democrats.  Because when we said every race, in every place, we meant it.


Did you ever think you’d see this in Spokane? I did – Eastern Washington is RISING!


I want to take a moment to give thanks and recognition to our Vice Chair Joe Pakootas – who ably set the pace during two congressional runs – as well as our terrific LD 7 candidates in 2017 – Karen Hardy and Susan Swanson – plus EVERYONE in our CD-5 County and LD organizations who “get the work done” every day; especially the Spokane County Dems, and LDs 3,4 and 6, as well as the Lisa Brown Campaign. Wahoo!


Many thanks to Dylan and Alex, and our Communications Director Ansley Lacitis and Digital Director Bobby Mattina for their efforts on press coverage in Eastern Washington, as well as capturing “all the good bits” on video and in stills for future efforts as well.  And of course, we have the most amazing candidate to defeat GOP incumbent Cathy McMorris Rodgers – the incredible Lisa Brown. Kudos to her campaign team for their help and support as well – and, check out Lisa here athttps://lisabrownforcongress.com


BTW – we have 10 more Organizing Academies Scheduled in January and February with 400 MORE folks (to date) signed up to be trained.  If you have not attended, or spread the word to your county or LD, please go here, find one in your area and get folks signed up: https://www.wa-democrats.org/event/index


And, we’ll give you an update on what we have in store for March and April at the State Committee Meeting in Bellingham at the end of the month. We will need every Local Party Organization working with us to “row the boat together” and capitalize on all our opportunities in 2018. Please do come to Bellingham as you will hear from us, as well as the Coordinated Campaign, the HDCC, and the SDCC on how we are building an unprecedented effort. We’ll need to work with you to make sure we are highly coordinated to make this so. I know we can do this.


As Party Leaders, I hope you are proud of the work staff does every day (and every weekend) to Turn Washington Blue. Like you, we are determined to make 2018 an amazing year for democrats – re-electing Senator Maria Cantwell and our Congressional incumbents, re-electing our legislative incumbents and running strong in all GOP held congressional seats, plus 98 State House and 24 State Senate races this year to widen our majorities. Unprecedented State Party and Coordinated Campaign fundraising will be needed to support these efforts, and we will also talk more about this in Bellingham as well. But again, we will ALL need to be a part to make it successful.


Organizing. Data. Communication. Building the Bench. All to Win Elections and make ALL of Washington Blue.


Thanks so much Democrats – and onward!


With Gratitude, Tina