Additional information on our first canvassing event is available here. Now, a message from Don…


Just so you know…Walla Walla County Democrats are kicking off its 2018 canvassing program next Sunday, the 25th.

This is not a one-shot effort. It is the first installment in a program that we intend to carry into next fall. We expect to contact voters each Sunday afternoon for about two hours per shift plus a little time for greetings and de-briefing. This is not a sprint. It is a 50k relay, one door at a time.

So what do we need from you? [Click Here To] Let me know by Wednesday (21 February) if you would like to join us this Sunday, the 25th.

On Sunday we will meet, talk over process a bit, and go to an assigned starting place. We will do a mix of canvassing (in-depth interview) and literature drop of Lisa Brown flyers.

We do not expect each volunteer to commit for each week, so let me know too if the 25th does not work but a Sunday afternoon in March or later would. And bring a partner if you are nervous to begin with.


A spoiler alert. We are putting together a schedule for our pop-up booth this summer. We are looking at Heritage Park, Crawford Park, Washington School Park, and the College Place Farmers Market. More later.