Facts on Trumpcare – from the Washington State Democratic Party

The Congressional Budget Office released their nonpartisan analysis of the Trumpcare legislation yesterday, and the facts are shocking. Millions would lose coverage and pay higher premiums, all so the Republicans can give massive tax cuts for the rich. This is unfair and wrong, and we need to step up and resist.

24 Million People Losing Health Care

The big news in the CBO’s analysis is the projection that 24 million people would lose their health insurance coverage, with 14 million people losing health care just next year. By 2026, 52 million Americans would be without health insurance under Trumpcare.

% of Americans uninsured

The CBO’s nonpartisan analysis is the most trusted in D.C., and even Republicans acknowledge that. Indeed, they even predicted that “The only question about the CBO: Is it going to be really good, or is it going to be great when that number finally comes out?” 

The facts are out, and nobody should think that ripping away health care from 24 million people is anything like “great”.

Higher Insurance Premiums

By rolling back regulations that limit insurance companies from overcharging older people on their insurance premiums, Trumpcare would dramatically increase premiums for older Americans – as much as eight times as much as they pay now.

For example, a 64 year old person making $26,500 a year would see their insurance premiums increase from $1,700 a year to $14,600 – an eightfold increase!

Premiums AHCA vs ACA

These massive increases in premiums would make health insurance completely unaffordable for older Americans – and those sky-high insurance premiums don’t even account for the larger out of pocket costs that people would face!

Speak Up!

As a member of House Republican leadership, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has an important role in deciding how and when the Trumpcare bill might come up for a vote.

85,000 people in the 5th CD could lose coverage under Trumpcare, and McMorris Rodgers should know that the people of Washington will not stand for these attacks on our health care! We need health care solutions that expand coverage and lower premiums, not do the opposite. Trumpcare takes us in the wrong direction!

Contact McMorris Rodgers’ offices at:

Washington D.C.   202-225-2006

Spokane                509-353-2374

Colville                  509-684-3481

Walla Walla           509-529-9358

And let Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers know that Trumpcare and its health care cuts are WRONG for Washington!