Walla Walla County Convention

We are happy to announce that the Walla Walla County convention will be held at College Place High School on Sunday, May 1st at 1:00. The first order of business will be the 16th LD caucus for Walla Walla county, followed by the discussion and adoption of resolutions and platform.

Please be aware that anyone may stand for election as a delegate to the Congressional District caucuses (May 21st in Spokane for the 5th CD and Tri-cities for the 4th), whether or not s/he was elected at the precinct caucuses.

Resolutions may be submitted prior to the convention for consideration by the resolutions committee. These need to be received soon to allow the committee time to process them. Please submit them to ashldailey@gmail.com and be sure to put “Resolution” in the subject line.

Congratulations to all of you who were elected as delegates and alternates at the precinct caucuses and we look forward to seeing you on May 1st!