Call to Convention / LD Caucus

Walla Walla County Democrats call Democrats to County Convention and Legislative District caucus to be held at 1:00 pm on Sunday, May 1. The venue is College Place High School, 1755 College Avenue, College Place. Sign in will begin at 12:30.

This call is going out to Democrats at large as well as to Delegates and Alternates elected at the precinct caucus. The County Convention will evaluate resolutions and the county platform. All Democrats attending are eligible to vote on resolutions and platform.

The Legislative District caucus will convene upon completion of the resolutions and platform work whereupon the County Convention will adjourn. The business of the Legislative District is to elect delegates and alternates to the Congressional District caucuses on May 21. The Legislative District caucus will elect one delegate to the 4th CD caucus and nine delegates to the 5th CD caucus. Only seated Delegates are eligible to vote on delegates and alternates to the CD caucuses.

All candidates for CD delegate or alternate must nominate themselves – self-nominate – by signing the nomination list at sign in. Democrats who are not delegates to the LD caucus may nominate themselves although they will not be eligible to vote in their respective presidential sub-caucus.

Elected delegates are responsible for attending the CD caucus on May 21 (Spokane for the 5th CD caucus) and the State Convention in Tacoma on June 17-19. Delegates must be prepared to cover their expenses. Successful delegates to the national convention in Philadelphia are responsible for their expenses of attendance.