Danielle Garbe Reser Running for County Commissioner

Danielle Garbe Reser has announced her campaign as a write-in candidate for Walla Walla County Commissioner in District 3 as a Democrat. Garbe Reser ran for State Senate in 2020 and is stepping forward now to give voters a choice on their ballot and to advocate for better healthcare access, election oversight, economic development, and county services. She is running against two Republicans, Darren Goble and Gunner Fulmer.

“There’s too much at stake on our ballot this year for any of us to sit out this election. I am running now because it’s clear that our fundamental rights and freedoms are at stake, and the status quo in our county isn’t cutting it,” Garbe Reser said. “Commissioners oversee our healthcare, our elections, and our tax dollars. I urge voters who want to stand up for a woman’s freedom to make her own decisions about her healthcare, for free and fair elections, and for oversight of our tax dollars to write in “Danielle Garbe Reser” for county commissioner on November 8.”

Garbe Reser is endorsed by John Haid, the Democrat who ran for county commissioner in the primary and was narrowly defeated.

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Danielle’s campaign site and write-in how-to

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