WWCD Office Accessible during Road Work

Road Closed to Thru Traffic Sign

Road closed signs on Second Avenue from 11/1 through 11/11 do not affect street access to the office at 343 S. Second. The office will remain open as usual. All scheduled canvassing, phone/text banking, etc., will continue through Election Day.

Due to construction, there will be a sign on Second just south of the office closing the street to through traffic. However, it is okay to drive around this sign to the office. Drivers can park on Second in front of the office and use Birch Street going west. In the latter part of this construction, Birch Street will be closed, so one would have to make a U turn on Second to exit the area. But the chief engineer has assured Chair Isaacson that the street will be accessible at all times to 343 S. Second, the office location. The sidewalks and street in front of the office are not affected. 

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