Subscribing to the Calendar 

We try to categorize our calendar and offer different options to subscribers based on their preferences or levels of involvement. If you want to sync all the events on our calendar, just click Subscribe at the bottom right of the calendar and select the calendar program you want to sync it with.

On the other hand, you may not want all our calendar events on your calendar. For example, perhaps you do not attend meetings but still like to know about community events. In that case, you can subscribe only to events from the In the Community category. Follow these steps to subscribe to the event categories you prefer. This works with almost any device:

  1. Click the Categories folder just above the calendar.
  2. Select the category or categories you want to sync with your device.
  3. Click Subscribe to filtered calendar at the bottom right.
  4. Click the calendar program you would like to sync with.

Note: If you skip these steps and click Subscribe without selecting a category, your calendar may not differentiate the different categories and colors for events that you see here on our website.

One last note: If you want to see all of our events, be sure that the category filter is cleared so nothing is hidden from view.