Elections & Voting

2022 Democratic Candidates
A list of all the Democratic candidates whom the count party has endorsed this year and their campaign sites.

Washington State Elections site
This is the state’s elections site with a lot of information about election dates, the election process in Washington, running for office, who is running, voter information, voter’s guide, districts, and more.

Walla Walla County Elections page
The county elections site provides information specific to elections in Walla Walla County, candidates on the ballot, voter’s guide, voting by mail, ballot drop locations, campaign finance, districts, etc.

Washington State Voter Information
This page is an excellent voter resource, with everything you need to know about registering to vote, checking to ensure your registration is current, voter eligibility, accessibility for voters, voting by mail, absentee voting, early registration for 17-year-olds, and more.

All 2022 Candidates
This is a list of all candidates who have filed to run for office and will be on Walla Walla County residents’ ballot. You also can find information about candidates in other counties/districts.